Signed “Voluntary Islam” by Davi Barker


“If a monopoly is economically undesirable, and violence is morally undesirable, why is a violent monopoly desirable at all? People call me an anarchist for asking that, yet that question was foremost in my mind when I began writing in 2009. Voluntary Islam is an anthology of my best articles from 2009 to 2012. It explicates my passion for philosophy, economics, history and theology as I analize the confluence of values between Islam and libertarianism.”

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Signed “Voluntary Islam” by Davi Barker

“Davi Barker is a writer, an artist, an activist, but more importantly Davi is a testimony. Not a shallow testimony of words, but a testimony of life dedicated to truth and peace in the rejection of evil. His dedication stands strong in a world where the enemies of truth and peace distort the meaning of every word and phrase to suit their desires. But no matter the opposition he faces, Davi embraces the principle that “There shall be no compulsion in religion” and Davi shouts by example and not by words alone, that “The greatest jihad is proclaiming the truth in the face of a tyrant.” ~ Ben Stone, The Bad Quaker